Friday, August 19, 2005

Scary stuff going on in the UK

A man was shot on the tube by the police shortly after the 7/7 bombings. The information that was accepted at the time painted the guy as extremely suspicious. The real facts are starting to be uncovered (nothing beats the BBC for real news) and it is emerging that he hadn't done anything remotely suspicious and that in effect, the police targeted and executed a member of the public. This is really scary. The way the media has been spun and the way the events are unfolding are reminding me of the way John Howard manipulated the 'Children Overboard' affair in Australia. The primary defence being that he wasn't made specifically aware that the children weren't thrown in the water prior to the boat sinking (or cynically, no-one was able to prove that this statement was false). The political execution of this affair was flawless and i am throwing out a prediction here that not only will the police commissioner refuse to resign, he will confuse and dissemble the exact timing and detail of what was said to who and when to the point where the facts are of academic interest only to the news cycle. The end result will almost certainly be that the police have executed a member of the public on the London tube who's only crime seems to be living in a block of flats that was under surveillance, and no-one will be held accountable. This is very scary stuff and i for one am starting to get very, very worried about the people who are supposed to be in charge.


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