Thursday, October 20, 2005


I just found this via Reddit. It is very, very cool. Stephen Wolfram is a classical math-sci prodigy writing his first quantum physics paper at about 15, even Richard Feynman described him as amazing. For the last 25 years or so, he's been building the, and i mean 'the', mathematical tool of choice for scientists and engineers - Mathematica. I don't know a matrix from an operator but everyone i've ever met that uses maths heavily loves this program (with MatLab being the other that i know of...).
For the last 10 years or so, Wolfram has been investigating the emergence of complexity from completely known 'rules', he was so excited about this that he wrote a book to collate his findings called 'A New Kind of Science'. He's obviously not confused about how significant he thinks this stuff is. When i read it, i couldn't make head nor tail out of it and i didn't understand how you could use it to calculate anything (and to be fair, that might have been in the second half of the book but at 1000 odd pages, that takes real dedication). As i understand it now, one way to investigate things is to just 'mine' the universe of rules that exist and find one that does what you want, a sort of computational qubit experiment.
Anyway, WolframTunes is a simple looking little website that generates music ringtones based on these computations. You'd think it'd be pretty dull but i found myself getting hooked on the blues section. It's hard not to push save when you hear something you like since the chances of finding it again by chance are, literally, zero....


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