Thursday, February 02, 2006

Esquire - Idiot Amercia source

Possibly the finest piece of journalism i've seen come out of America in, well, a decade. which is scary enough.
And it's not because the guy echoes my own thoughts, it's because it seems lucid, well written, heartfelt and tries to show cause & effect.
Journalism is doomed to failure on showing C&E in realtime, but hell, it doesn't mean they should stop trying.
And he's bang on with at least one statemant;
The rest of the world looks on in cockeyed wonder. The America of Franklin and Edison, of Fulton and Ford, of the Manhattan project and the Apollo program, the America of which Einstein wanted to be a part, seems to be enveloping itself in a curious fog behind which it's tying itself in knots over evolution, for pity's sake, and over the relative humanity of blastocysts versus the victims of Parkinson's disease.


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