Monday, February 13, 2006

Islam cartoon apologists

like the Indonesian President here, just don't seem to 'get' democracy and free speech. Take this heartfelt plea:
Reprinting the cartoons to make a point about free speech is an act of senseless brinkmanship. It is also a disservice to democracy. It sends a conflicting message to the Muslim community: that in a democracy, it is permissible to offend Islam.
Umm, yeah, that's exactly what it says. You're also free to insult evolutionists or scientists, free-marketeers or protectionists, rednecks or bleeding heart liberals. Your choice... the only constraints are slander type offences and the way to air your displeasure is to sue their ass.

I have to admit, as an atheist, watching people get killed and burn embassies because someone that doesn't believe in their imaginary friend did something that their imaginary friend doesn't like seems to be lunacy gone mad (can you go one up from lunacy or madness??).
I prefer and congratulate them on their consumer boycott though: effective, peaceful and entirely democratic.


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