Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Lysenko = Bush

In case you've been under the blog-rock lately, science blogs are aflutter about this.
The creationists start to harras the physicists and demand that the big bang be explicitly noted as a theory that doesn't presume that intelligent design can't be involved.
In case my position has been at all unclear in this blog - religios freaks; GO F**K YOURSELVES
Please read other blogs for more apologetic and articulate responses (that boil down to the same thing anyway).
Is it possible for chemistry to creationised?
  • No unpaired spin states - god doesn't allow unwedded electrons in the same orbitals
  • god would know if Schrodinger's cat was alive
  • no box could hold god's electrons
  • 'god may have made the world, but the devil lives on surfaces' - Fermi adopted as literal truth
ouch, too easy....


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