Friday, February 17, 2006

Urban sprawl in Australia...

... is a good thing.
According to the guy who represents housing interests. Environmental impacts? Increased use of cars (and roads/petrol etc) ? and urban design for enjoyable public spaces?
None of these is true.
Wow, i wish i could do that in my field, us scientists are always so anally retentive when it comes to supporting evidence.
Anyone doubting this man's sanity should have all the evidence they need when he gushes over Houston as his model city.
Don't get me wrong, entry level house affordability is a big issue, repeating the mistakes of the 20th century however is not the answer.
Repeat after me: Australia is an extremely fragile environment. It will not support dumbass growth policies in the long term. Fragile systems may take 50 years to ruin and 500 years to reassert themselves. This is not doommongering, it is a fairly obvious conclusion drawn by anyone with rudimentary arithmetic skills.


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