Thursday, April 27, 2006

MoRST IRL Report 2006

The Royal Society email has just come through and the first item is on the distress of IRL. The MooRST (that was a typo but maybe my subconscious is telling me that NZ should focus its R&D on it's strengths ;-) has its report here, but i'll read it in my own time before posting but it is interesting to read the last paragraph of the RS email;
What comes through from the report? One thing we've known for some time:
biotech ventures are risky, and deep pockets are needed to nurture them
through start-up. Sadly, BioPharm's good news came too late to staunch the
pain. But that leads to the second thing that blazes from the pages of the
report: the commitment of the people involved, even in the most dispiriting of circumstances. They demonstrate a truly noble characteristic and I salute them for it.
I mean honestly, what kind of country has an R&D funding arrangement that makes people admire the noble spirit of the poor buggers that work there? Science is hard enough (and i mean really hard) without making people roll the wheel-of-career-fortune every 2/3 years to see if they still have a job. These are smart, highly trained people - treating them like this is embarassing and i can assure you creates strong disincentives for any younger scientists thinking of doing real work in NZ.
Also seems Nigel Kirkpatrick is outski, wonder who's next up?


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