Monday, June 19, 2006

Dairy R&D funding...

is $4 million a year extra. woopdedoo.
And the hoped for big win by the pastoral lobby group?
One major research task would be to find ways to improve feed for cows so that more milk could be produced. The goal was to lift the "metabolisable energy" of feed by 50 per cent. "Now it's going to cost a lot of money because this is a hard question to solve." But Fraser said they had to lift the productivity of current acreage under dairying "by a significant factor".
A second target was lifting animal production from 60kg of milk solids per tonne of feed consumed to 80kg. A third was getting adoption rates of current technologies lifted so at least half of dairy farms were achieving 90 per cent of known theoretical capacity.
Wow. that's certainly an audacious goal gentlemen. Do you know the difference between innovation and iteration??
On an intriguing side note, it would be interesting to know what the 'research' levies are that the farmers pay and where it ends up. What have those boffins been doing for the last 20 years? One might, if one were so inclined, ponder if you would be better off increasing the amount of money and praying for different results, or start giving it to better qualified people...


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