Friday, June 02, 2006

Letter to Brian Rudman re: health effects of HV lines

Dear Brian,

This is the second opinion piece (Herald 2 June 2006) in a couple of months where you refer to the health effects of high voltage power lines. What evidence do you have that allows you to state that there is a massive debate on the issue?
As far as I'm aware, the 'debate' is similar to that created by intelligent design proponents in their rant against evolution theory or climate change skeptics, and that no study to date has definitively concluded that there is any significant increase in risk. Just because you can find an opinion to the contrary doesn't mean the opinion is valid or representative of the consensus view. As a newspaper columnist, I'm sure you can appreciate the role that reporters have had in the atrocious tit-for-tat reporting of science.

So, please let me know your original references for health problems resulting from the proximity of high voltage power lines. I'm very interested in reviewing them.


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