Thursday, July 20, 2006

NZ Institute Report

Another excellent piece by David Skilling and the NZI. This one discusses the NZ diaspora and a grim picture it is. Several hundred thousand kiwis have emigrated (fled?) the islands and some 25% of them have a degree. Heck of an export to excel in.
It doesn't really pull any punches on the lost opportunities of the last decade (and Labour, you can't blame anyone else for not noticing the internet, it exploded onto the scene during your watch) and how we have failed to make any serious investment. I mean, for crying out loud, it's not rocket science to think that maybe NZ could profit from instantaneous, free bit-schlepping so maybe we should plow a £"$"£ load of cash into a backbone that puts shame to the rest of the world... but no. We ended up with Telecom for 10 years.
Way to go David, but I was there for the Knowledge Wave. Until I see some cash, I'm just not gonna bother getting excited.


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