Monday, August 14, 2006

Vector starts playing hardball.

And i was worried that we wouldn't have any spectator sports in the energy sector until nexts years 1/50 year event dry winter... How pessimistic of me.
Vector is bummed 'cause it can't charge people whatever the heck it likes for access to it's network. That'd be the same network that was previously the Auckland electricity power board. You know, the one the previous generation has already paid for.
Must be a great life buying (let alone selling) an asset that can't be displaced with a captive market. Poor Vector has been caught with their hooves in the trough. Not sure playing hardball is going to do any good. Didn't work for Air NZ (yet). I for one am happy that the commission isn't just a patsy for diverting criticism. If Vector doesn't understand it's business enough to figure out who should be paying for what (and lets face it, an average price distributed across all their customers is basically an admission that it doesn't know who uses what or where), it deserves a kick up the arse.
Ye gods, it's the 21st century and we'll still dickering around with something installed in what? 1920?


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