Monday, October 30, 2006

NZ on the back foot with Food Miles in Europe

in the Herald here.
It's not as though the Europeans haven't been talking about this for a while now - how come our parliament's first response reminds me as, let's be honest here, more bluster than informed.
Welcome to the wacky world of energy research and climate change. Since we can't/won't tax/charge carbon dioxide on an int'l market, we aren't able to price the externality into our exports and you're left with "oh no it's not, oh yes it is" debates.
Maybe NZ is able to produce food and get it to Europe with less environmental impact than a fellow European driving a truck from Bulgaria (which is suspect is true, containerisation has made shipping costs trivial) yet how are we to convince them?
We've been banging our heads against the tariff wall for 30 odd years, when are we going to start front footing our leading export and start driving the debate directly with the consumers? I'm living over here and i can assure you, the British people aren't so concerned about 'organic', they just don't want to eat cows that have been fed other (mentally deranged) cows and poor pigs that have been forced to stand in their own excrement or chickens that live in barns pecking each other to death or.... I mean good grief, talk about a slam dunk.

Here's a slogan: NZ cows and sheep eat grass in a field and drink rainwater. Respect your food, respect your planet. Eat NZ.

better yet: WTF are you doing to your food? Eat NZ.


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