Wednesday, December 13, 2006

NZ Herald editorial on the energy policy

ye gods. If you think this is balanced, you don't understand the issues.
I love this:
Equally, it is recognised that New Zealand's response to climate change should not outpace progress in other parts of the world.
too right! last thing you would want is some point of difference in a globalised world of freer markets. "smart manufacturing energy rich country with low carbon footprint requires rich planet-concious consumers" - yeah, you're probably right, never work in the real world. we should scream from our beautiful mountain tops "we're no more crap than anyone else!"
the horror. the horror.

Don't need any clean-green markup in your prices. don't need to inspire your fellow countrymen with an audacious scary goal that puts a glow in your heart. if we do what everyone else is doing, and at the same rate, she'll be right. after all, look at how we're doing in the OECD and against Australia... err, well anyway, hows that stadium coming along?


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