Wednesday, March 21, 2007

NZ in the news today

had a strange deja vu morning today. was having a coffee and flicking through The Times (v right wing paper here in the uk) and NZ had 3 colour photos on 3 consecutive pages of the sports section (it's an A3 folder one so i tend to flick through consecutively rather than turf out the sports section instantly).
comment by ben ainslie on NZL in Valencia with a beautiful spinnaker shot of ETNZ, next was Tana getting slammed by the english but with a bold outcaption stating 'NZ can play 4 different ways and win at all of them' and then the Black Caps whacking a cricket ball during a solid 'professional' display of cricket against, i think, Kenya.
i'd link to them but the fact is, you don't get the same experience on-line as off. it was all about the juxtaposition and consistency of page after page.
it's pretty bizarre to think that our country which is already greatly outnumbered by the world of warcraft population (currently at 4.5 million which i found trying to find the sailing comment piece above) is featured so heavily for it's sporting prowess.
if only we can fully translate that attitude of excellence to premium-priced export business focus - it's so close you can almost taste it...


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