Friday, August 26, 2005

Anti-science success in the UK

The animal rights activists here in the UK have a decidedly militant fringe. They have successfully harassed a company to the point where they have given up. Now, the debate on using animals in medical research is pretty touchy but i don't think there is ever a reason to steal the remains of someone's family, spray paint cars, throw bricks through home windows and harass the friends of employees. The real worry is that now one company has folded who's next? Who gets to decide which science is OK and which scientists get harassed for years on end? I research industrial chemistry, should i be worried that some anti-industrial chemistry ecogroup is going to take direct action on behalf of past injustices and firebomb my car? Violence is never the answer and if you've resorted to using it, you lack any moral conviction your argument may had to start with.


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