Monday, November 21, 2005

Another 'why i don't understand america' moment

Because they resemble an Asperger kid.
Some things are done brilliantly, yet others, the things that you'd think would be no-brainers, are constantly screwed up. Take this for instance, a rumour that oil executives may have met with the White House/Cheney as part of the energy strategy bill passed a couple years ago (there's an oxy-moron that the 'pacific solution' creator would be proud of). The only possible reasoned reply to that is... Duuhhh. Of couse Cheney met with them, he was on the friggin board of Haliburton, you think they never invited him over for a golf game? You'd think the administration would be playing defence every day since the damn bill was passed...
You'd think the defenders of the free world (was there a vote on this that i missed or can you just claim outlandish titles? can i be the supreme defender of the periodic table? i've already stolen a logo so i can hit the ground running...) would have a 4th estate that would, you know, sniff out stuff like this and use it to horribly embarass their politicians and make a bucketload of cash by selling the newspapers and movie rights. It's not like they met at the back of the Soprano's restaurant here, THEY DROVE THROUGH THE FRONT GATE!
Good grief, no wonder this country stumbles around like some hideouos Godzilla/Sumo wrestler freak, they honestly have no idea and no-one seems to care.


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