Friday, November 18, 2005

David Lange's No Nukes Oxford Speech

Massive kudos to Russell Brown at Public Address for getting the transcript and audio of this seminal moment out in the public domain and with a creative commons licence i.e put to music here.
I agree totally with the sentiment expressed here, NZ doesn't need nukes, will not be safer having them around and it is a valid option - if anything is constant in NZ policies over the last couple of decades it is that we prefer a commons agreement whenever possible since on our own, our opinion is worthless. We do not shirk our duty in a conventional sense (limited as our tiny country neccesarily makes it and despite Canberra's shrill yapping as to the contrary).
I do find it strange however that 'nuclear' always means bombs. NZ has become irrational over the peaceful use of nuclear for medicine, research and power generation.
No, it almost certainly doesn't make sense for NZ to want a nuclear power station since we are basically one giant fault line on the pacific rim, but to ban nuclear powered ships (as i understand it, technically they are allowed just not with nuclear weapons onboard and since the US has a neither-confirm-nor-deny policy, that effectively means all ships are banned) is just a bit silly. The NZ public has been conditioned to think nuclear-free is an absence of all 'nuclear' applications. This is stupid, radioactives are used every day in every hospital to cure people of cancer, you don't see many Greenpeace demonstrations outside cancer wards do you?
The nuclear-free stance is deep in the pysche's of NZers and i wonder if even we know what it means, its wrapped up in so much of how we see the world and ourselves, so i dispair of ever trying to explain to someone else...


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