Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Terrorism and Probabilities

This draft is a couple weeks old. I got stymied when i decided to compare death probability by terrorism vs say, choking on food while eating, struck by lightning etc. I found the US National Safety Council website and before you know it, i was happily pondering the multitude of ways that you can die in the US that is a standard check-box for their statistics! Hours of fun for any numerate individual with a sadistic streak ;-)
If anyone actually knows where some good death statistics are, please let me know.
And remember, 100% of non-smokers die too ;-) (i've been looking for ages for 'probablity of death by lung cancer of smokers' - i can only ever find '100x more likely than non-smokers' sort of quotes which are pretty meaningless).

The Age has a columnist that actually goes to the heart of the terrorism 'crisis' by throwing around some statistics (shocking, i know). Strangely, its also in today's SMH, makes you wonder about the impartiality of Australia's media (yeah, right) when they start recycling their op-ed's without even a couple days between them...

The US National Safety Council website.


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