Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Micro-CHP Grids

An interesting article on the BBC (via here) on combined heat and power micro-grids. Transmission and distribution losses (the long stringy bits that connect your house to the power station) can lose up to 25-odd% of the energy it started with (i.e. to use 1 unit of energy in my house, i have to generate 1.25 units at source, this has to paid for by someone so you get pinged for it in the end) so the idea of closely coupling supply and demand has the potential to have a big impact with little consumer notice.
Obviously, fuel cells fit nicely in this sort of scenario (if you have a convenient gas pipeline) since they are very clean, quiet, modular and generate heat as a waste product.


Blogger Rod Adams said...

Not only do transmission lines represent an energy loss, but they are expensive to build and maintain. In addition, they add to the risk of power outages in bad weather.

9:57 AM  
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