Friday, November 25, 2005

TVNZ just not getting it

Am i missing something here?
TVNZ is claiming that they're missing the boat by not forcing everyone to switch over to digital television set-top boxes (here via David Farrar). These guys are debating on whether it is digital or analogue transmission that should go into the future - are they morons or is there some glaringly obvious reason why forcing people into an upgrade for the box that delivers their daily fix of Shortland Street is a good idea?
If you want to see what TV looks like in the future (and by future i mean within 2 years in the rest of world, maybe 5 in Australia) goto onegoodmove, the BBC or Google Video (mentally add a factor of 100 here).
People want to watch programs, not give a flying feck about the medium.
I want my vid's on a plane, an iPod, collated onto my own personal webpage, accessible from anywhere to anything, anytiME I FECKING FEEL LIKE.
Why the hell isn't TVNZ trying to market it's stuff to all those Kiwis OS via the web?? talk about a captive market that even Sky can't compete with and let's face it, even at NZD1 a show, it's not a big deal in foreign currency, i'd subscribe just to see the news and Spin Doctors.
Once again, a complete failure to imagine a world that doesn't revolve around big corporates telling everyone what they should be watching - "people want 18 different camera angles during the rugby, screw the yachting/badminton/table tennis/extreme ironing fans, what good are they anyway" AARRRRGGGHGHGHHH!!!


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