Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Victoria continues to have no IDea

The Victorian press seems to be agog over Intelligent Design lately, what is this 3 op-eds in a fortnight?

Here we have another op-ed that begs us to 'teach the controversy' angle in response to an article about the Dover Board of Education trial over the teaching of ID in Kansas schools. And in case you think i'm paraphrasing the sentence reads (my emphasis):
Behe's claim that there are some biological systems that cannot be explained by any unintelligent natural process is clearly one that is open to scientific refutation and many scientists have engaged with him on those terms. I can see no reason this debate cannot be raised in senior biology classes in schools.
The only reasoned response to this request is "get bent, we don't teach astrology, psychic powers, homeopathy or ougee board readings in science class to teach controvesies, i teach the best theories that science has to offer".

The original article was standard MSM waffle but it seems as though the reported actually got in touch with Michael Behe and got the quote (p3):
Contacted by phone, he sounds like a softly spoken scientist interested only in open scientific debate and frustrated that leading evolutionists are not prepared to debate him in open forums. "We are not close-minded," he says. "We welcome debate and robust questioning. That is all we ask."
Which, to put it mildly is a great big pile of crap. There is no 'debate' because the debate happened decades ago i.e. age of the earth, how did your eye form, why does blood clotting take 7 different proteins... yadayadayada - check out talkorigins or the panda's thumb if you wish to see why scientists don't 'debate' these things anymore.
The 'debate' that Behe refers to is "why don't scientists turn up to stacked auditoriums where i can use debating tricks to make them look like morons" and the answer to that is "because all you want to do is make scientists look like morons, not debate any issues and i suspect that you wish to do this so you can sell more books, make more money and ruin a generation of children's education".

Damn it, why am i blogging so much about ID?? It was one of the 3 things i didn't want to waste my time on.
There's actually real science being done in the world, why isn't the media talking about that?


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