Monday, January 23, 2006

Aus Govt spin on the Sydney Agreement

Predictably upbeat. Here's a projection from Joe to compare with the Aus wheat board projections (hhmm, i suppose we can trust a large agriculture dept in Australia until proven otherwise...surely) in about 50 years time (re-read that 50 YEARS), savings will be about 10% wrt 2000. yep that's right, Joe's prediciting sweet FA changes in how the developed and developing countries generate power and refine all the crap we dig out of the ground.
don't underestimate -10%, that will represent around 50% decrease in actual emmissions considering emmissions grow at about GDP growth (not coincidently some might say) but it still means we're pumping loads of GHG in the atmosphere with no Plan B.
way to play for your average JH


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