Friday, January 20, 2006

Human body exhibition - NZ opposition

wheel out the same nuts who object to everything else they don't agree with. let's be honest here, it's not that they object and then say that they are recomending that people don't go, they are trying to deny everybody the opportunity.
since i'm not religious, claptrap about 'moral lines' being crossed coming from a religious-bioethicist (a contradiction in terms) should be ignored. i'd love to see the human body displayed with respect in all it's glory - where the hell are the quotes from my demographic??

Michael McCabe, director of the Catholic Church's Nathaniel Centre for bio-ethics, said the exhibition crossed a moral and ethical line and should be banned.
I don't agree, therefore it should be banned... good grief, feck off.

Family Life International warned the exhibition could lead the country down a dangerous path.

"The whole concern is that an exhibition like this would just be the beginning, if it proved popular. It would open up a door for more of the same," said spokesman Brendan Malone.

"Where do you go from here? You could make money out of abortion. It is crossing over into some very scary territory."
and our award for hyperbole today goes to... this twit from Family Life (some sort of euphimism for anti-abortion happy clappers i'd imagine). yes, it's obviously a short demented step from studying/seeing the human body to trafficking stolen babies and organs. ye gods, no wonder medicine was held back for a few thousand years when religious bigots like this controlled the power structure.


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