Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Power Laws, Weblogs and Inequality

Interesting article here that's been bouncing around for a while apparantly. this is one of those 'emergent' phenomena that you hear about occassionally (and almost always incorrectly applied). It's where features of the group seem to arise independently of the components i.e. studying an ant, even to the Nth degree won't tell you anything about ant's nests and how they work. This is a conceptual problem in theory of science, i.e. bilogy is applied chemistry which is applied physics which is applied maths.
those of us not worried about the theory just tend to draw a circle around any set which seems sufficient and call it a 'discipline' and then start making up obscure acronyms so that strangers stay away and our grant applications sound more impressive (hint: any acronym you don't know or can parse as a verb, is a way of saying 'you're not welcome here').


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