Friday, February 24, 2006

More on Religo-doctors at UoG

They have a website.
They even have a prepared answers crib sheet for evangelising their god 9and of course denouncing all others, consistency has never been part of the Only Way).
We scientists should probably do the same thing for the 7 deadly half-truths of creationists. Only problem is, defending this crap takes energy that i'd rather spend doing real thinking. For them it comes under evangalism and is an inherantly Good Thing and thus much energy and wide-eyed enthusiasm must be expended on the Good Thing.
I do wonder at the hypocrisy of doctors using 300 years of medicine and science while disavowing any guilt as to why it got kickstarted at all in spite of the religious intolerence that existed at the time.... can you spell 'hypocrite'? (NZ cultural joke there).

Bah, begone, you've ruined my day.


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