Tuesday, February 21, 2006

People or spambots?

Ok, this is it, i'm ready to get kicked in the balls. That's a clustrmap of the visitors to this site since the beginning of the year: almost a couple hundred and representing every single continent (that's pretty cool). Let's ignore Scotland since that's me checking every now and again, and i know who the people are in Melbourne, my question is this "are those little red dots real people skim reading this or are they zombie blogspam machines scattered randomly around the globe and Google is doing a good job at filtering their dribble?"
Go on, if you've never left a comment:
  • say hi.
  • Tell me you only read this to remind yourself of how one-sided us scientists are about complimentary therapies.
  • I accidently made this my homepage and can't be arsed changing it.
  • I randomly click on your blog to annoy the hell out of you.
Go nuts, i'm bored and my research is depressingly slow at the moment.


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