Friday, March 10, 2006

Another winter in NZ - the electricity 'crisis' begins...

Good grief this is embarassing. Another dry year? Again? What have we done to sort this out over the last decade? hhmm SFA would be my guess, although there's been a lot of talk, very little has actually been done.
Start looking out for the softball 'get ready for power cuts' and how all the consumers should start turning off their heaters. Get bent, i say break the "£"£$ thing royally, threaten to oust the govt with a good old fashioned riot and get some commitment to fix the freakin' thing.
NZ is nominally a first world country; food, water, shelter, transport and electricity are the backbone of a modern society. Letting the ball drop for your entire 3 terms in office is inexcusable, I hope Labour gets a right royal shafting for this over the next 6 months.
Don't forget Comitfree if you want to see the hydro levels for yourself...


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