Thursday, March 09, 2006

Beazley and the ALP GHG strategy

In The Age here.
Lots of words but i don't see any meat on the bones. At least there's an alternative and, as in the states, it seems to be getting more attention at the regional/state level than at a national level. This is crazy, ass-backwards since your environment for the country as a whole is surely as important as anything else. Take home message? It needs to be managed, you know, what politicians are supposed to do for a living? Living in a cave is pointless but so is unrestrained destruction of your habitat, make some informed decisions, put in some pricing policies and get on with it. Now. This year, not 2030. Feel free to change some of this year's policy in the future if shock horror, you got something wrong but for crying out loud, get the ball moving!


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