Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Europe oil-free by 2020?

Tiny space filler here.
Love this quote:
Hydrogen and fuel-cell technology will be ready for mass production by 2020.
ummm, how? and why? (caveat on consumer electronics battery replacement which i think will be commonplace very soon but the tone of quote indicates trasport fuels since it's the Transport Minister doing the quoting...).
The hydrogen economy is a many headed beast, only one of which makes any sense at all and we're pretty freakin' far from that i can assure you.
This should be getting more attention from NZ, the ability to grow transport fuel could be a real economy booster and is not far fetched, see: Brazil. Stir in a little biotech, rain and some sunshine and we could have a nice little earner selling liquid sunlight.


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