Friday, April 28, 2006

More on NZ electricity

wow, storm in a teacup time in little ol' NZ...
Brian Rudman behind the info-wall puts in his $0.02 but I'd like to highlight this paragraph:
The health effects of power cables is a topic of much debate. But as Mr Jackson said, that town planners allow high-powered electricity cables and family homes to co-exist in humming proximity "is beyond imagination".

For both health and aesthetic reasons, it's time to enter the 21st century. Transpower, start tunnelling.
What health effects? Saying it is the topic of much debate is like saying creationists are debating evolution. Where's the evidence? What's the consensus? Why are possible health effects only wheeled out when new pylons are going to suddenly effect someone else? Why does BR closely juxtapose pseudo health scares with a legitimate more-annoying-than-belief humming sound quote by Murray Jackson?
The mixture of relevence and whitewash says nothing about the credibility of this piece.
I hope the 'debate' that is going to happen is higher quality than this and doesn't get hit by Auckland-itis.


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