Tuesday, April 11, 2006

NZ Herald doesn't ask the obvious question...

...that would seem to be screaming out at you in this story about a lost tramper in the Coromandel. The headline "Sun may be misleading northern hemisphere tramper" would seem to imply that this poor misbegotten English tramper is a complete imbecile, i mean what's it trying to say, the poor guy is trying to go up, not across?
To get a true feeling for the illiteracy of the masses, check out this quote by the Christian Camp guy:
He said "everything may be backwards to him" because he was used to tramping in the northern hemisphere and not the southern hemisphere and he may be heading in the wrong direction.
ummm, what the hell does that mean? The sun rises in the east. All the time. It's part of that thing about the earth rotating in space and thus making day/night cylces.
I won't make any snide remarks about stupid religious people holed up in the bush convinced that god made the sun stop and that sunrise is in the west when you're in the northern hemisphere 'cause like, you know, everyone's upside down when you're up there... i'll leave that sort of stuff as an excercise for the reader.
The reporter, the interviewee and the unfortunate tramper. No-one comes out of this story looking good...


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