Monday, May 01, 2006

New Zealand Climate Science Coalition

announced in the Herald here.
Could be interesting, or could be a bunfight. How the hell is anyone that's not a climate scientist supposed to know the difference?
I would start by listing funding sources (hint: Exxon/Big Oil is not likely to provide balanced opinion) for the association's members.
Secondly, why are they targeting the media and public opinion? The majority of scientists agree that the best people to judge science is... other scientists. Majority opinion is not always right, i'll be the first to agree to that but the caveat is that it's right far more often than it's wrong.
As for the IPCC being a drum-banging hippie for the lefties, as far as i can tell, there's been a lot pressure to downgrade definitive statements in preference for more passive statements.

These guys are pulling together a website (here), i guess i'll have to have a look at it when it's up and running (although having your press release go out prior to your website being up and running seems a bit odd these days).

Good grief, i don't want to be pulled into this climate change maelstrom, i'm not qualified enough to have an informed opinion on the science and it just turns into a star-bellied-sneeches discussion anyway...


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