Monday, June 19, 2006

UCSD discussion on climate change and energy

This is actually quite a good video for an intro to the energy debate.
ooohh, nice carbon balance at 11:50 min
tech gap analysis at 15:00 min
biohydrogen at 20:30 min
fuel cells at 23:00 min but only thinks they should be in cars
Joseph Romm hydrogen hype debunked 35:00 min (i like this guy! ;-)

From the blurb on Google Vid:
UCSD Division of Physical Sciences presents a discussion on global warming and the prospects of a hydrogen economy. The featured speakers are: Joseph J. Romm, executive director of the Center for Energy and Climate Solutions and author of The Hype About Hydrogen - Fact and Fiction in the Race to Save the Climate; and Franklin M. (Lynn) Orr, Jr. professor of petroleum engineering and project director of the Global Climate and Energy Project at Stanford University. Series: "Frontiers of Knowledge"


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