Tuesday, August 15, 2006

It's my monopoly and i'll do what i want with it...

Vector continues its constructive dialogue on electricity distribution by ransoming Aucklander's power supply. I wonder if this is what the transmission and distribution camps have been waiting for? Someone to argue with so that when the lights go out, it looks as though it has all been a terribly complicated issue?
This is what happens when you give people (previously) publicly owned, redundantly engineered, systems. They bleed them dry and then wail that they should have to have the right to charge whatever they want or else they won't invest anything in them. Doesn't this sound familiar to NZers?
Screw Telecom and screw Vector and screw whoever the hell is in charge of building roads. You've been snuffling at the trough long enough and we, your so called 'customers' are sick and tired of your posturing, delay and underinvestment while paying large dividends (or just plain keeping the money Mr Taxman). It's hardly an unforeseeable event.
If you can't behave like adults, maybe you should be sent to your room... And maybe we'll be so pi$$ed off we'll vote for whoever says that they'll build infrastructure...


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