Friday, October 06, 2006

Climate change policy in NZ

is pretty much the same ol' same old.
Labour doesn't want to do anything that might be considered (could put a full stop there actually) proactive and National's website still has the '05 policy posted (read the bullet points for a non-policy policy, basically yahboo to whatever Labour does and a backhander to investigate the options but we won't do anything until those billion chinese people agree to limit their growth at the same time...).

What we have here is a faliure of our elected representatives and all their little civil servants to actually understand what the costs and benefits to NZ are with respect to energy, environment and trade.
Without an understanding of where you wish to go, any direction at all is likely to be wrong, hence, don't do anything and stand still. i reserve the right to ignore the wails of 101 level economists and their slavish devotion to the gods of ceribus paribus.

2012? what kind of a date is that? where's your mana? where's your sense of stewardship?
all you baby boomers currently running the country should look out, your kids get to pick your rest home and at the moment we're all a little pi$$ed about our high taxes, user-pays lifestyles and creaky infrastructure that have been foisted on us by our future eating, consequences be damned predecessors.


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