Thursday, November 02, 2006

Meridian sends massive dividends through to the govt

$1.1 billion dollars. Sure there's a windfall gain in that of $800B but still...
Just think of a 1% investment in NZ's energy R&D (which it should be blindingly obvious that energy is what Meridian is supposed to be involved in). That's.... 11 million dollars. Let me write that out slowly... 11,000,000 dollars.
You could start up a lab with 25 PhD's in it and run it for a few years on that kind of cash. 25 world class people in a room, thinking about NZ, food miles, biofuels, hydrogen, carbon neutral, carbon trading, feebates, flourescent lightbulbs, transport hubs, diesel, hybrids, grid upgrades, plug'n'play networks, small scale consumer energy trading...
Good grief Meridian, you couldn't even flip ten mill off the top as an advertising fillip. Your shareholder(which is my freakin' govt who love to talk the talk) should be embarrassed by the excesses you're giving them. Surely you could have thought of something to do with 1 or 2% of that money?


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