Friday, December 15, 2006

BAE/Saudi in the UK

If you ever needed more proof that big business and politics are joined at the hip, today's revelation that a bribery investigation by the UK SFO into BAE and Saudi Arabia has been called off should be the last bit you'll ever need - again.
Westminster bought and paid for. I guess that's one good thing you can say for all those Eton and Oxbridge civil servants, they stay bought. I've been surprised since moving over here just how common it is for a front bencher to also sit on the board of a huge company. I'm just soooo convinced that there's no conflict of interest there... One of them is even British Tobacco. I mean, how seriously are you taking public health when your MP's are paid money by those guys?

Check this out from today's Guardian:
The UK made overseas bribery illegal in 2002, under US pressure. Labour ministers subsequently claimed they were determined to stamp out corruption, but in practice no prosecutions have taken place under the new law.
2002! Remember people, BAE makes guns and things designed to seriously crimp your dancefloor moves. What on earth do you think they were doing during the '90s? Any wars floating to the top of your consiousness that needed a few guns or landmines? I can think of a couple...

I had already heard of this by reading 'As used on the famous Nelson Mandela' a book by a British activist/comedian (now there's a job that needs a few more bodies!). He dregs up some seriously smelly goo from BAE's backroom. Don't read it if you're of a delicate persuasion, it'll make a rescue ship engine room mechanic sick to their stomach.
Great to see BAE and Rolls Royce share price has bounced up on the news. Nothing crimps your profits like being exposed as disgusting shameful pieces of human scum.


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