Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Security in Australia

why oh why doesn't govt get security? It's not that difficult, therefore i suspect that they don't wish to get it. The best summary of computer security and databases built by govt is still 'Yes, Minister' made in the early 80's and still disturbingly current!
Aussie seems to be going through the motions and all the same stupid assurances are thrown out. They all boil down to 'Trust Me'. Not bloody likely given the ham fisted efforts of govt so far with large IT budgets.

Get these:
Only those who need to see your files will be allowed access, and even then they will only have access to the information they need

Sensitive information will be accessible only by agency readers.

One of the greatest fears people have is having their identity stolen. Existing cards and vouchers make that all too easy.
Minister: your biggest security concern isn't the masses, it is the minimum paid data clerk that you've outsourced your IT dept to working out of Connabarabran. They'll input or delete any data you want for $200 and a free slab of stubbies (and that includes switching names! oh the horror!).
The sole saving grace of a paper record is that it's "£$£"$ hard to gain access to it!!

I'm all for using technology wisely but please, if this is the best you can come up with - the big 'ol database - then you need to go back and double the 12 mins you spent thinking this through.
As for the slimy IT advisors licking their lips at all that taxpayer trough money - you're disgusting.
Bring back a competent civil service!!


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