Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Deborah Coddington on Climate Change

DC doesn't buy into all this stuff. She's found 2 sources that say exactly what she sees around her every day - things are pretty much the same as when i grew up! Climate change? what climate change. I say let's attack the messengers and accuse them of drinking wine...
DC could be forgiven for not trying to understand the issue. it's complicated, extremely specialised and likely to result in change of the status quo. i mean, she'd have to 'google' for some 'webpages' that try and outline what the real issues are. for this to be meaningful, you'd have to like, you know, evaluate 'things' and try and figure out what the consensus opinion is.
oh man! that'd take, like, days! i'm sure DC whips out these herald fluff pieces over a coffee once a week.
i guess if i had to try and get her to understand one thing it'd be 'little changes don't always result in little effects'. understand that and you're halfway toward understanding half the uncertainty in climate change predictions.
not to worry, i'm sure she'll be up in arms about something else by next week.


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