Thursday, March 01, 2007

NZ's hydrogen bandwagon just keeps on rolling...

OMFG. There's nothing scarier than a technocrat with the answer. Carbon dioxide a problem? This'll fix it.
Repeat after me people "hydrogen may be the answer, but it's not guaranteed" and my $0.02 thinks it is definitely NOT the answer. I have yet to see a compelling case for it's use that isn't selectively blind to the elephant in the room (let's use electricity to make hydrogen that we can then use later to make electricity).
If you are going to release govt funding, make sure it's tied directly to something useful and measureable i.e. tonnes of carbon avoided for instance, then let the crazies out of the box (i really need to track down that old Genesis ad where the mad scientist concedes that, of course, he'll need more pigs... brilliant) and let the market figure out what is best for the individual. Oh yeah, stop funding studies of things you might want to do in 5 years and start actually doing something - learning by doing is an acceptable route to IP. If CRL can figure out a way to get the energy out of coal without the CO2, it's got a world-wide licence to print money - get cracking, you don't need a study to know it's a good idea.
Ye gods, it's like asking AT&T in 1970 what the internet was going to look like 2007. Looking back on their predictions shows it's more, less and completely different to what they imagined. It's going to be exactly the same with our energy gen/use patterns.


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