Friday, March 23, 2007

Transpower's profit take this year

up 30%.
It must be a great business to be in when you are a mandated monopoly on an essential service and your only shareholder is the govt who get oodles of cash through a murky back-engineered tax.
here's a question, why don't you upgrade the freakin' network and drop your 'profits' back to inflation + 5%? how about treating people with respect during the consultation process? how about showing some pride and professionalism in your product and minimising constraints on the line? well, then again, 20 years of planning does seem to fly by when you're earning @£$£ loads.
the last 2 crucial pieces of infrastructure the govt flogged off in the early 90's was Telecom and the rail system. We all know how wonderfully those two were run to benefit NZ Inc.
Fixing the latest thing that broke is not a planned investment strategy...


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