Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The 2005 NZ Election

This blogging thing is a little harder than i gave it credit. I had high hopes of analysing the party science policies prior to the election but an overseas conference and a two week holiday in France put paid to that idea. On the upside, the nice man at Labour, David Choat, did send me the url for the Labour science policy on 12 Sept. Since there is very little urgency in looking at these now, i won't go into it straight away. I also see the NZ Association of Scientists has a (mostly) full listing of science policies. I must admit, from what i've seen so far, the gap between policy and outcome seems pretty tortuous so i'm not sure what i expect to achieve. For a good example of what i'd like to do for science policy, see the energy policy analysis by David Haywood, a guest-blog at Public Address. I'm still trying to catch up with the election and how it is going to pan out over the next week or so but i would like to give a big thumbs up to the electoral commission on handling my request for an overseas vote. Very well done, on time and like watching a well designed piece of engineering perform brilliantly.


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