Thursday, October 27, 2005

Google Videos - the good and the bad

Just found out about Google's Video beta. It doesn't seem to have much on it yet but i suspect that will change extremely quickly. The quality is fine for desktop viewing and it streams really well. Once again, these guys do things very very well! Well done Google.
Goggle being google, i of course Googled up 'science' and what did i find but a lovely little piece of creationist dogma from the Harunyahya group. I suppose that Google is crawling for freely available movies on the web and automatically assigning tag codes.
It is actually a very slick production with really cool graphics showing protein synthesis and using the metaphor of a cell as a spaceship granting/denying access to molecules. In fact, if it wasn't for the dogmatic diatribe that goes with it, i would reccomend some parts of it as informative. This is what really bugs me about IDers, they use all the fruits of science and scietists labours and then just cop out at the end by saying "it's really complicated, only God could do that..."
Anyway, if you want to see what the IDers are peddling these days, check it out. While you're watching just try and imagine what it would feel like if you had limited education, a core religious belief and desperately wanted someone to tell you that you are special and aren't descended from a monkey, it would sound extremely compelling. It is the one big downside in studying science that the wonderment you see around you every day (which dwarfs a god of the gaps worship any day) comes only after a long period of dedicated study.

In case you want to skip most of the vid (highly reccomended) here's some highlights:
  1. 1:39 min - science had superstitions 150 years ago, Darwin proposed evolution 150 years ago, ergo evolution is a superstition
  2. 4:23 - the cell is more complex than originally thought and is unimaginably complex
  3. Michael Denton sound bite (author of Evo: A theory in crisis)
  4. 7:00 to 20:00 - A really cool graphics rendition of how a cell works. Delete the sound and use it in an intro biology class. This would have captivated me as a 12 year old (i wonder if that is exactly what they're trying to do...). Trying to show how 'designed' a cell is.
  5. 21:00 - a bunch of scientists who don't agree with evolution
  6. 21:30 - Michael Behe talking head shot for about a minute. Cool, i've never seen MB in action before. Now i know what priests looked/sounded like during the dark ages.
  7. 23:10 - Who could the creator possibly be??
  8. 24:50 - The Human Eye. Once again, delete the sound and look at the cool graphics.
  9. 26:40 - We suck compared to the eye
  10. 34:50 - "Things Evolution Can't Explain"
  11. 35:12 - Creation is done by a creator. God is the creator yada yada yada
  12. >35:15 - Fade out with Koran quotes and lots of cute furry animals doing CFA things.


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