Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The 'Business' of Science - GNS Science

Here's a great idea, don't worry so much about doing brilliant research or hiring the best brain you can find that wants to live in Dunedin, what this place needs is... a logo change. I can just imagine the wet-behind-the-ears BCom graduate that pitched this idea to his boss at the old ex-CRI Geological and Nuclear Sciences Ltd.
"Great work weasel-boy, no wonder we pay you twice as much as those science-y chaps, this'll bring the consulting dollars pouring in. You're cost-benefit spreasheet made a pretty compelling case that we can triple our funding in 2 years and this is where it all started..."
Hmmm, a country of 4 million people, a fractured science infrastructure with a grant scheme that seems to have been cut and pasted from the lottery foundation and we tinker with the logo. Great work guys, rest assured that i'll be looking you all up for my next career move.
BTW, what's with the recursive acronym?? GNS Science? Does that expand to Geo. and Nuclear Sciences Science? Just cause you use the word science twice doesn't make you smarter (in fact, as a rough rule of thumb, any subject/discipline that includes the word science in it's title deserves a little skepticism). Can we expect to see GNS Nuclear Sciences in the near future?


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