Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Fonterra Research Centre in Melbourne

This is on today's herald website. It's depressingly brief but an interesting development. I did my post-grad in Brisbane and a post-doc and research job in melbourne so this is an interesting move by Fonterra IMHO.
Why isn't this $14 billion company put through the wringer on a regular basis? I haven't seen a good report on their research activities which is also strange because it is definitely at the size where a commitment to R&D can actually pay dividends, especially with the developments that will be coming thick and fast in biotech over the next decade or two.
Q why melbourne? i suspect that it is to attract international quality researchers. let's face it, palmy is not the idyllic location for people used to a modern city (why not auckland? when you're competing with the most of the world, i would guess Auckland still comes up as a little small). melbourne is a very nice city to live in and victoria parallels NZ as a whole in terms of what it does best and in trying to develop a 'innovation' label over Sydney's 'financial' hub-ness.
i would love to know if there were any incentives for basing it in melbourne and what the other drivers were, i'll have a look on the Fonterra website but i won't hold my breath.


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