Thursday, November 03, 2005

UK abuses anit-terror laws...

Hat tip to Hard News for this link. It seems to be an ironclad law of beuracracies that any law created with the highest of intentions is inevitably used in the most trivial of cases and almost always as a substitute for real thinking. The UK also has Anti Social Behaviour Orders (ASBO's) which are intended as a last resort for, shockingly, anti-social behaviour - think crowds of kids obstructing shop entrances etc (and this sort of thing is hard to imagine unless you've lived in the UK...). Now however, they're thrown around willy-nilly with nary a thought.
  • An old labour party member is physically ousted from the Labour party conference after a single heckle about the Iraq war - under the anti terrorism act
  • Random people executed on the tube - RESIGN Ian Blair, the buck stops at you!!
  • Now more random searches, massive inconvenience and absolutely no recourse through official channels.
This is an erosion of civil liberties big time. Why oh why do those pansy Civil Libertarians get up in arms when someone suggests something reasonable like a photo ID drivers licence and then keep their heads down when something is actually happening that really does threaten the way we live? Police Service or Police State?


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