Thursday, November 10, 2005

no IDea in victoria

There is no 'Science' section in Melbourne's 'The Age' newspaper so what is the first article that is listed when you search for 'science'? "Sciene - with just a twist of God'.
Seems like there's a budding ID underground in Christian schools in our neighbour across the ditch. Go to origins if you want to delve into the so-called controversy, what i want to point out here is the column inches devoted to 'balance' in the article, right down to the For and Agin websites listed at the end (i guess having websites puts it in the vanguard of on-line newspapers, i wonder if they do the same for the print edition nowadays?).
After exhaustively catalogueing the number of posts and column inches in BotE so far, i am now able to provide balance myself on the controversy. Being a bit numeracy-minded, i have decided to interpret 'balance' as words for/against: volume-weighted by working scientists as to whether they doubt evolution as the strongest explanation for the natural world they see around them.....
Now, i hope that clears everything up, back to the real science.


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