Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Nuclear Energy - Guardian Article

This is actually a good article, at least it admits that the discussion is rife with vested interests and dodgy numbers.
Strange how the nuclear industry which famously dumped toxic waste into the North Sea 30 years ago (or is that an urban myth?) is now the environmental champion. Quite a change of heart.
For my money, i think we need at least another 50 years of polluting power generation before the Next Big Thing but only if we actively use that time to develop more elegant solutions and not just ignore it until our grandkids have to deal with it. No prizes for guessing whether i think the second parts gonna happen.
I'd rather deal with GHG problems in a hundred years time than tell poverty stricken Chinese/Indians/Africans that they can't have the same standard of living within 25 years as I do now 'cause we already wasted that opportunity...


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