Thursday, November 24, 2005

Stem Cell Research Chaos

If you ever had the misconception that scientists were different from anybody else, then the breaking story of claim and counter-claim between two eminent stem cell researchers should help bring you back to reality.
Hard to tell what's happening here and i doubt the MSM will ever get it straight but it just goes to show honour and prestige can badly influence people's decision making just as much as dodgy bonuses and accounting scams can.
The accusation of harvesting your own lab assistants eggs is disgusting. The pressure on a young PhD/post-doc to stay on the good side of their professor (especially one this big) is hard to over-estimate, it can quite literally be the difference between a career in science and wishing you were doing science. If this allegation is at all true, it's abuse of the highest order. I'm not even sure this kind of abuse has a name.


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