Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Niche tech development in NZ

Smart materials developer Zepher Technology (can't wait for the Mk III version of something...). Good synergy between the real and the info - the smart material 'knows' somethings happened but that's pointless if you can't retrieve the information, know what it means and get the recomendation to the right person.

A swiss investment fund seems to be doing the circuit as well. Yet to make an investment though although i wholeheartedly agree with the direction that NZ should be focusing it's attention (agricultural products leveraging our expertise in exporting rain, sun and minerals in .biological packaging).
I am concerned that NZ is not taking this seriously enough, there are disadvantages to not staking a claim early. Companies will go where the talent is, talent will go where the companies are. It is incredibly hard to figure out which comes first and if you are a global company/investor, you don't give a rat's where it spontaneously happens, but you know it will happen somewhere. I fear that Fonterra's decision to base itself in Melbourne is a symptom of where they (and they are an international 800 lb gorilla in dairy) see the next 20 years of talent and research being done.
Question to Helen Clark: You've had 10 years of phenomenal commodity prices and tax income. What have you done with it? Can you spell 'opportunity cost'? Where is the next $50 billion of NZ GDP coming from?


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